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USA Legend v2.0.0.0
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USA Legend v2.0.0.0

Welcome to "USA Legend"

Version 2.0
- Nouvelles textures
- Nouveaux sons
- Zone de ferme retravaillées
- Train rendu utiles avec son silo et sa connexion au BGA
- Animaux implantés sur la map
- Pas de neige en hiver, mais la map est compatible au mod saison
- Remplacement de nombreux arbres, pour les rendre compatible au mod saison
- Nombreux objets, points de ventes et détails rajoutés ou modifiés

J'espère que cette nouvelle version vous plaira et pour toute demande ou report de bug, merci de me contacter via le site modhoster.com
- New textures
- New sounds
- Reworked farm area
- Train made useful with its silo and its connection to the BGA
- Animals on the map
- No snow in winter, but the map is compatible with the season mod
- Replacement of many trees, to make them compatible with the season mod
- Numerous objects, points of sale and details added or modified

I hope you like this new version and for any request or bug report, please contact me via modhoster.

This map is not based on an existing region.
Loving large expanses and fields of all sizes, I decided to create a map that would suit me to play.
After several months of realization, I propose you this card of size 4X and allowing you to cultivate in a universe "USA"
I hope you will have fun playing on this map and I await your feedback (See read me, in the .Zip file)
A good game all.

Idea / Concept: Kikored

Mods added to the map:
Vestas Windturbine from FSven and Kyosho
Buildings and Sign Pack from DRModding, (https://www.facebook.com/DRMODDS/)

I thank the officials testers of my map very much. If you want to test the map, to make it evolve, contact me.
- Alain0306 (France)
- Tornadoretkinia

  • Map mode police
    2020-05-23 11:44
    4 3
    This mod is required to have a "Map Screenshot" of the map as a whole PDF, Please update your Images to include this to avoid deletion.Thank youMap Mode Police
  • @ map mode police
    2020-05-23 14:26
    2 2
    Wow you might as well just slap your self across the face because you are a retard. Thomas is a bot.
  • John
    2020-05-23 14:53
    0 0
    Great Map all works wonderful Thanks
  • Ted grass
    2020-05-23 15:12
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    Can you ted grass to make hay in all directions this time instead of only two ways?
  • Wrangler
    2020-05-23 17:32 Send message
    0 3
    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Looksee By Train - USA Legend - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czn8k23HWYs
  • Giggi02
    2020-05-23 20:34
    2 0
    Hi, i Buy 200 Cows and see only 5-6 in the pasture. What is the Prob.?
  • David
    2020-05-25 11:35
    1 0
    Hi there is a small problem there is the shed of the means that the doors do not work the big ones if you like to solve thanks herCiao ce un piccolo problema c'e' il capannone dei mezzi che non funzionano le porte quelle grandi se perpiacere qui risolvere grazie
  • @giggi02
    2020-05-26 07:14
    1 0
    Just like in other maps, not all of your animals will show up. If you have 200 cows and see only 6 or 7 or what ever, check to see that your stats still show 200 cows. If so then keep playing. You're good.
  • John
    2020-05-26 12:55
    0 0
    David there is a switch on the wall in side the shed go the normal door then find the wall switch and the doors will open
  • Stormfox
    2020-05-26 20:57
    0 0
    dans le champs 52,il y a un objet flottant (un seau) vers le coin supérieur droit,à 3 M de hauteur,ça bloque les tracteurs.Je trouve que la texture du sol (labour) n'est vraiment pas belle...
  • Me


    2020-06-05 23:52
    0 0
    Kind a sucks, you try save the game and take forever never stop save the game need close with AT+F4
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