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Very Old Barn v1.0.0.1
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Very Old Barn v1.0.0.1

There are old barns and barns that can be seen to be aging.

- it no longer rains through the roof
- Differentiate textures and / or dimensionally inert

This barn has the charm of bygone days.
An age when a lot of work was still a pure craft and there were hardly any machines.

It now looks weak and ailing, the wood warps and tends to break under its own weight.

Use them to park vehicles, to store bales of straw and other goods or just place them as decoration, as a piece of history, for lovers of nostalgia.

- Barn with a ramshackle look
- Lighting can be switched on and off
- 3 gates to open and close
- as a shelter or for storage
- placeable
- seasons ready

Price: € 30,000
Electricity & maintenance costs: 10 € / day


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