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Volvo A40 v2.0
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Volvo A40 v2.0

For all the haters and complainers
I have fix the lights and minor errors, relocated to trucks section.
Price: 220000
Brand: Volvo
Category: trucks
converted by shaidiestorc5673


  • Theozicocky
    2019-01-17 02:41 Send message
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    @shaidiestorc5673 mate if modding is such an inconvenience for you, don't upload any. It does show a lot of disrespect to others to upload half finished mods.
  • @theozicocky
    2019-01-17 03:55 Send message
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    Couldn't agree more.
  • Yuppers
    2019-01-17 04:17 Send message
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    i would tottaly agree with that to if your gonna complain then why bother helping fix a mod im sure someone else with respect would had been more then happy to have done it without the whining
  • Fid


    2019-01-17 08:08 Send message
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    Well done my son :)
  • Guest
    2019-01-17 11:48
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    i apologize to everyone it is not an inconvenience leaving country for for 3 months and didn't want this to sit there not being used and in v1 i posted some issues to fix and lights to finish didn't have time to finish and people were so negative and rude. i guess i should've put beta in the desc then right lol
  • Fid


    2019-01-17 13:06
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    Its a good mod...ignore the moaners
  • Perseus
    2019-01-24 01:36
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    I love this truck and I hope you will finish this mod soon.
  • Kiwi
    2019-02-24 01:37
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    @Theozicocky your a fuckwit mate
  • Knottypine
    2019-04-27 01:46
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    This vehicle has an issue with overloading at some sell points. Suggested fix: Adjust tipReferencePoint (1>4) Translate Y from 0 to 1. This seemed to have solved the issue for me.
  • David p.
    2019-07-14 03:27
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    i use the v.1 a lot so who do i got to thank a ton for these . hope the person or people see this .......I love the truck so much that matches my excavator !!!!!!! THANKS A TON !!!!!!!!!!!!! AND KNOTTYPINE a V. 3 will be sweet with it fixed with a color selection .just a idea .
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