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Volvo F L60-L90 And tools v2.5.0.0
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Volvo F L60-L90 And tools v2.5.0.0

Volvo F L60-L90 And tools
Here comes the F series for FS 19. Convented by me.
New script, New lamps etc changed.
3 Different tire types are available.
Available from L60F L70F L90F.
trailerlow and trailer on hitch back and hoose
4 tools are included with this. There are hoses connected to the machine.
High tipping. Balhantare and Loggrip with hoose
toned boxes then Fs17
3 Different Tires Available For It And Choose the Color of the Wheel!

Fs 17 JDVB, MMI Lantmanenfs ,CSS modding Fs 19 Lantmanenfs fs new script Poppy and Ledramp by Swebonna team!

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    Delete the fucking Mobhub link!!!!!!!!!
  • Cab


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    Can you please convert the it runner truck that you made for fs 17 to fs 19
  • Drakomis
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    I don't know who LANTMFS is, but deleting the modhub link basically forces your audiance to go onto a website with malicious content. You may not be aware nor care since they're paying you, but sharemods forces malicious popup ads on peoples browsers designed to trick them into accepting viruses. I wanted you to be aware of what you're supporting.
  • Lantmfs
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    DRAKOMIS My links apply. Or so keep in my computer!
  • Drakomis is a noob
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    Drakomis is a noob and dont know how to use a adblock and is complaining a lot! Smal Wiener? OMEGALUL
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