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Volvo FMX 8x4 + Meiller Tandem Tipper v1.0
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Volvo FMX 8x4 + Meiller Tandem Tipper v1.0

Hello all!
FS Miner's Edits!
This time I have create a new tandem tipper trailer and also make some design upgrades at Volvo FMX 8x4 ,now is red .

As base for the tandem I have use the Amkar trailer and parts from volvo FMX.

Meiller Tandem Specs :
-25.000l Capacity
-Open Sides ( X key ) And Rear Door ( N key )
-Tension Belts
-Adjustable Ramp Attachers to load small machines

Did not get credits for the models .


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  • Toro
    2020-09-07 14:20
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    @ Hello FS MinerI don't understand something about you and why you don't let help.What I do not understand !! : - You have your own category, why can't all your things be found under it? (Are scattered). On the other hand, even if you are from other modders (it is legal to put them in their own category). Furthermore, you bugged me last time about the extended color choice. I just wanted to help. It doesn't matter how many colors are available.TORO
  • Another shit mod
    2020-09-07 14:28
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    ur mods are shit u cant even do a good mod for once dont download
  • Toro
    2020-09-07 14:56
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    And once again missing errors in the function in the menu. You should fix that. As with your other vehicles that you have made for yourself but still make available for download.
    • Fs17vmods
      2020-09-07 15:16 Send message
      0 0
      I told you do not touch the mod at the same day after 10-25 days do what do you want also that mod have been leaked long ago why you did not fix that and want to fix this
  • Toro
    2020-09-07 15:28
    0 1
    @ FS MinerSorry, I am not responsible for mistakes that others make (of modders, of course). But this is your mod and it would be nice and nice if you correct it yourself. I only told you that I expanded the color choice. And that doesn't only happen with your mods that you present. Think of the IVECO truck. I did it there too and reloaded it with the credits. He doesn't complain about it, but thought it was really cool.
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