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Volvo L220h without Shovel, better v2.0.1.9
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Volvo L220h without Shovel, better v2.0.1.9

So folks, today i give you today an other WheelLoader from FS15, the Volvo L220h
All functions are working, lights, turnlights, worklights etc
Not perfect but it work
Authors: LandmannLS for LS15. Graf von Berg for LS19

LandmannLS for LS15
Graf von Berg for LS19

  • Holygobo
    2019-02-07 19:43 Send message
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    Could you create a large Log Fork the same size as this please?
  • Roadtrain5910
    2019-12-11 07:52
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    sorry Graf von Burg I cant say a good word on this mod errors are immense (maybe a mod conflict) and every time in game with that loader on map or in store my screen would black out for a second or two {after I got rid of it in game it stopped} found a smaller loader capable of doing a better job at half the price and faster plus more powerful than the l220h loader though little less on the liters on the bucket (of smaller loader) sorry about this
  • Fly high
    2020-03-26 19:02
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    can you convert it to modhub.us
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