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WesternStar4700SF dump truck v1.0.0.2
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WesternStar4700SF dump truck v1.0.0.2

hello guys here i have you my  first error free mod its a WesternStar4700 dump with a free swinging tailgate and collions to make the bed hold wood rock and much more capacity is 180.000 liters has no interior due to it being a hum3d model and the size is now at 140mb compared to all my other mods hope you like it enjoy

Bcbuhler PierceCustoms credits for Justin Wies for the free swinging tailgate and col to make it haul wooding tailgate and col to make it haul wood

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    2020-10-09 18:41
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    can it hold crops?
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    2020-10-10 11:19
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