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Wilson Pacesetter Single Hopper v1.0.0.0
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Wilson Pacesetter Single Hopper v1.0.0.0

This is the Wilson Pacesetter with a single hopper so that you can use it with CoursePlay and AutoDrive.
It also has the extension for addtional capacity and more color choices (Originally By Stevie).

By Bubby Mods
Originally by Stevie

  • Matrix
    2019-06-28 23:14
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    Name MAP ?
    • Bubbymods
      2019-07-01 16:41 Send message
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  • Xhris c
    2019-06-29 00:22
    5 0
    Have not tried it yet but tyvm much needed...now if courseplay can get the tipper from ramming the harvester headon, tbone and when in fruit into each other...
  • Name
    2019-06-29 01:24
    2 8
    if its a single hopper make it look like one one hopper not two i dont now how to use courseplay but if you say this car has 4 wheels and it has two thats a lie make one hopper on the bottom
  • @ name
    2019-06-29 02:54
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    if you don't like it then make one yourself, otherwise shut up and enjoy it
  • Pereba
    2019-06-29 04:37
    1 0
    Excelente para quem usa courseplay. Por que o original do jogo no courseplay é horrível, só consegue detectar pela metade e o outro fica vazio. Quem não usa o courseplay simplesmente use o original.
  • Farmer jones
    2019-06-29 06:17
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    Thank God for Stevie! Just one comment though maybe have it as a two-hopper but have it fill both sides from one side if that's possible. Someone did in it fs17 but I don't remember who. Not a game breaker though.
    • Bubbymods
      2019-07-01 16:35 Send message
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      Farmer Jones, That is what this does it will fill both hoppers regardless of what side you fill. You do have to decide if it will tip from the front or the back but regardless of what you choose it will empty both hoppers. It took a ton of time to get this to work and I hoped to get it to always dump from both front and back but have not been able to make that work.
  • Kdv


    2019-06-29 14:47
    2 0
    Finally! Much appreciated, love these Wilson's, but love CP more. Been aggravating not being able to use them with only 1/2 filling up.
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