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Wind turbine v1.3.3.7
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Wind turbine v1.3.3.7

Hello. here a wind turbines mod. unfortunately he does not turn. I do not know why.
I'm working on high pressure to release a new version that she is also spinning.
I have not yet sooded well. I'll listen to you this wind turbine is like the one from ls17, had one
mod seen where it turns, but only in chrome, not even round, square base, etc.
well no matter. soon comes a version 2 animated.
just write to ask.
twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/freak160
please do not forget to override. do you want mods? then just write me I'll see what I can do that way.
I'm new on this webside. as a modder. .xml / graphic modder)
discord: https://discord.me/freak160
discord tag: Freak160 # 6900


  • Bauer floppi
    2019-07-24 23:04
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    This Mod is from the FS17?
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