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Winter service Unimog 2450 6x6 v1.0
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Winter service Unimog 2450 6x6 v1.0

Here is the Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 winter service for Ls 19 completely revised.

The winter service was built on a Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 frame. Furthermore, minor adjustments were made to the Unimog, such as the ls19 lighting system. There was also a lot of deco adapted stickers and new logos.

The Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 winter service is designed especially for the modern farmer.

To play I still recommend the salt silo.
In this conversion is a lot of heart and was lovingly rebuilt by me in several weeks of work piece by piece.

Here are some information about the functions:
: Salt tarpaulin has been adjusted
: Cargo size has been increased to 40 tons
: Speed ​​120 Kmh
: Snow equipment with snow plow included in the pack (to find under miscellaneous)

: Speed ​​camera light extension is needed !!!

: Light bar option selectable, New pre-warning lights with flash option
: Salt shaker to fill and sprinkle

The Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 winter service is still in beta if there are still mistakes like to write me !!!!

: Credits
Uhrmod by Expendable
: Salt and snow flight script by Realism Modding
: Watch model of the Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 is from Kyosho.
Remodeling idea by Snow Power

Uhrmod by Expendable
:Salz und Schnee Flug Skript by Realismus Modding
: Uhrmoddel des Mercedes Unimog 2450 6x6 Kyosho.
Umbau Idee by Snow Power

  • Mettrix
    2019-11-13 01:14
    1 0
    Awesome ty. Been looking for the Unimog that can be used to do field work as well with the hydraulics front and rear. We had them in last 2 farming simulators bu not many in FS 19 yet. Keep up the good work.
  • I know... i look too!
    2019-11-13 02:13
    0 0
    I also look for them because they were freaking spammed and now *poof*.
  • G


    2019-12-07 02:58
    0 0
    I couldn't get this to appear in mod selection screen
  • Fred
    2019-12-09 21:12
    1 0
    uh yeah i can´t find it in the buy menu
  • Fred
    2020-10-12 19:00
    0 0
    Okay, after nearly a year i finally decided to look into the file and well, you just need to open the file (with win.rar or 7zip) and in there are two files which you need to place into your mods folder (Documents > My Games > Farming Simulator 19> Mods>Winterdienst_Unimog_2450_6x6_Pack.zip > Winterdienst Unimog 2450 6x6 Pack, then drop the two files like i said into your mods folder)
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