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YANMAR VIO50 v2.0.0.0
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YANMAR VIO50 v2.0.0.0

This is certainly one of the very
first YANMAR excavators.
The VIO50 is a versatile machine,
these many equipments allow you
to use it for earthworks or on forestry work.
A powerful machine with a small footprint.
A machine made for you.
Voici certainement une des toutes
premiére excavatrice YANMAR.
La VIO50 est une machine polyvalente,
ces nombreux équipements vous permettre
 de l'utilisé pour les térrassements
ou sur des travaux forrestiers.
Une machine puissante avec un faible encombrement.
Une machine faite pour vous.


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    2020-11-12 20:56
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    TFSGROUP you idiot, why you delete all negative comments? I will write it again, until people see what kind of thief and cheater you are!!stop stolen mods and upload on uploaded host for money!!!You not respect to work all original modders!!fuck you french thief!!! and fuck your shit edit stolen mods.
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    2020-11-13 00:19
    1 9
    Many thanks TFSGROUP excellent mod.
  • Crap
    2020-11-14 20:41
    3 0
    its just recolored volvo
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