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Yukon River Valley v1.0
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Yukon River Valley v1.0

Yukon River Valley is a 16x map that is designed to keep you busy for a long time. There are three farms on the map, but in order to expand your farm you must remove trees to plow in your new fields. A long with all the forestry on map there is mining as well. You will have the ability to run dirt through a wash plant for gold and also through a dirt processing plant for sand, gravel, stone, and ore. The use of these materials than can be made into cement, concrete and steel. There is also a coal mine on map with a tunnel running through a Mountain. Once all coal is cleared will serve as a small shortcut. This map will need the placeable mods in the file you download in order to have all farm buildings, sawmills and woodchip truck sell point. Just unpack into your mods folder. Hope you all enjoy.

--Honor Realism-- That's me the creator

--Stevie Mods-- Want to thank stevie for all his hard work on making maps especially Beaver Creek.
Back in fs17 Stevie released Beaver Creek and I fell in love with it and decided to use it as a base
map for editing. I did a complete overhaul of map in 17 to my style of farming with removing of trees
to make fields and adding of a Mountain. Once 19 came out I knew I wanted to bring my edit of Beaver Creek over to 19 from 17.I made base map using the in game map Felsbroun and brought my edited terrain over to it. I than made Beaver Creek into a 4x map and eventually into a 16x map. I also decided to add mining to map and by doing this I decided to change name from Beaver Creek to Yukon River Valley to better fit the map. At this time with almost three years of editing terrain and expanding map only resemblance of the original Beaver Creek from Stevie is the small brook that runs through the farm area. Again want to thank stevie for this and give him some credit for the making of the Orgianl Beaver Creek that gave me inspiration to make Yukon River Valley.

--Mining and Construction Economy-- To bring mining to Yukon River Valley I used Mining and Construction and Economy map for some of the models needed for the processing plants. I used this map as a reference to bring over certain filltypes as well.

--Dajnet-- Want to thank Dave for his videos on youtube to teach me how to add filltypes and fruit types to map. I also used his new PV County map for some filltypes I am using in Yukon Valley.

--ShyWizard-- Want to thank ShyWizard for his tutorials on Youtube which help me get this map to where it is.

--CCT547-- Want to thank Eric for all the great ideas and help on brainstorming some errors along the way.

  • Jew jew too too
    2020-10-19 23:18
    2 21
    Great! another UK map! No Thanks!
  • 23 0
    The Yukon isn't in Europe.
  • Well
    2020-10-19 23:42
    15 0
    Correct me if I am wrong but is in Canada not in England
  • Guest
    2020-10-19 23:54
    1 9
    yes this is a UK based map.
  • Not uk
    2020-10-20 00:11
    10 1
    The Yukon River is a major watercourse of northwestern North America. The river's source is in British Columbia, Canada, from which it flows through the Canadian Yukon Territory. The lower half of the river lies in the U.S. state of Alaska.
  • Nice map
    2020-10-20 00:47
    4 0
    Few shader errors, but the map is massive, and the abandoned feel of it is awesome in a strange, haunting type of way. Good shit!
  • Bigrich says u r a dumbass
    2020-10-20 00:52
    7 5
    dumbass's come in many sizes. Med, Large, and 2X. and your dumbass dared to not only argue,...but debate - the CANADIAN / ALASKAN Yukon river basin. it takes a special kind of stupid,.. to produce dumbass off spring such as yourself - holy christ. re-read what you wrote, then research the Yukon - what a dumbass sumbitch you are.
  • Baba ganoush
    2020-10-20 00:55
    1 1
    Do I really need the extra 250mb of add-ons to play the map? Seems like a lot of extra stuff just for a map.
  • Name
    2020-10-20 01:30
    1 0
    beaver creek ha ha ha
  • Bigrich says u r a dumbass
    2020-10-20 02:12
    2 5
    BTW i'm not saying it isn't a UK map.. i know it is.. so crazy you people are that dumb and think it's a USA based map.
  • Todd
    2020-10-20 03:20
    2 0
    looks very good.like it could become my new favorite
  • Honor
    2020-10-20 03:26
    4 0
    Map will still work without the extra 250mb of addons. You will loose the farm buildings and a ramp sell point for wood chips. Map is using the Felsbroun textures, but is based on the Yukon territory of Canada. I originally made the map for a North Eastern feel until I added Gold mining and it felt right to call it Yukon River Valley. I did release this map earlier as Beaver Creek, but as normal sized. Figured would change name due to mining and to not confuse from Stevie's Beaver Creek from 17.
  • Don't lie
    2020-10-20 04:06
    2 0
    just say its a logging map....1000 trees to cut down 1 sell point come on man lets get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey bigrich
    2020-10-20 07:07
    0 0
    you really need to do reasearch dumbass
  • Pijko
    2020-10-20 09:22
    4 6
    I have not downloaded the map since I cannot get any impression of the map. YouTube does not work in Internet Explorer, modhub.us does not work in Edge. And 25 pictures, not one of a field nor a PDA..come on!
  • Ccp


    2020-10-20 13:47
    1 11
    Ooooow! ... AAAhhhhh! River.. Tree's... Rock's... Shit dirt.... Boring like rest of blank shit maps clogging up FS19... Put big China rocket in middle saying "Niggers don't matter" and you will have a good map.. Inside be wannabe Nigger's ready for launch... Yes it be good map then
  • @bigrich says
    2020-10-20 14:44
    1 0
    They don't come much bigger and dafter than you so thank you for bringing your professional life experience to this thread.
  • Name
    2020-10-20 18:55
    0 0
    wait, the yukon┬┤s in america tho
  • Griz
    2020-10-20 19:59
    2 2
    Yukon is in Canada, not in USA. Holy hell people are freaking dumb on here. Go back to school and learn what geography is.
  • Name
    2020-10-20 20:00
    2 0
    No Pic , no Click . Picture the PDA. i wanna see the map before i waste my time downloading it.
  • Pda


    2020-10-20 20:45
    1 2
    Added a image for PDA.
  • Name
    2020-10-20 21:39
    1 2
    I live in Canada and have family that lives in the Yukon and you don't need a flippin passport to get there
  • Bigrich also says
    2020-10-20 22:37
    1 0
    your are all a bunch of glue sniffers. and you euro-pi-on's are nothing but noisy stool pushers. do you shit heels ever get tired.
  • Name
    2020-10-21 00:15
    0 2
    Looksee By Train - Yukon River Valley - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/TvSh3gHoI8Y
  • Among us
    2020-10-21 04:28
    0 0
    Big Richy, there are 0 people who asked among us. GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • Ccp


    2020-10-21 05:58
    0 0
    Yukon Jack was a pick-axe licking creep near north pole that got kinky with the Abominable Snow man on Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The Yukon is at the North Pole. Hahaha can't say I don't know my history. In your face dumb red-necks that don't know geography.
  • Alaska
    2020-10-21 06:02
    2 1
    I live in Alaska and gold mine and have panned off the Yukon in Alaska pull up a map majority of the river is in Alaska
  • Flying circus
    2020-10-21 12:04
    0 0
    Are there any other lumberjacks here that like to sing and wear women's clothing?
  • Paradoxx
    2020-10-21 19:16
    2 1
    Thx Love it. Cant believe the fun of just pushing dirt around and logging. the lil mud spots with rocks on the road nice detail .
  • Bigrich says
    2020-10-23 06:54
    0 0
    fuck off bitchboy stool pusher
  • Kehua
    2020-10-24 10:28
    0 0
    I am wondering why i'm not able to dig or mine the areas of the map
  • Honor
    2020-10-24 22:56 Send message
    0 0
    Kehua you need to own the land
  • Name
    2020-10-29 17:53
    0 0
    cant pick up dirt any idea y
  • Name
    2020-10-29 17:53
    0 0
    yeah thats right ty
  • Honor
    2020-11-02 06:24
    0 0
    Kehua you need to fuck your dad
  • Jb


    2020-11-10 01:06
    0 0
    Very nice map, really feels like the North. Can't seem to find where to put straw for horses, anyone?
  • D


    2020-11-10 14:53
    0 0
    As I work the map, having problems with periodic saves. It will save fine then a save will be corrupt. I noticed when this happens the game save was faster in duration then prior saves. Lost 2 to 3 hours as once a save is corrupt, all the following saves are also corrupt until the game is closed
  • Chief cdog
    2020-11-10 20:03
    0 0
    I cant pick up the dirt blocking the roads to the saw mill. Also cant load pallets made by the sawmill. What trailer can I use to auto load
  • D


    2020-11-11 22:53
    1 0
    Any updates for the future? Still having PC problems with some saves after 3 to 4 hours of play. Checked pc for over heating and other issues, nothing found. No save problems with other maps. Love the map, 50 hours of play. just wish it would save properly on my PC.Earlier comment: As I work the map, having problems with periodic saves. It will save fine then a save will be corrupt. I noticed when this happens the game save was faster in duration then prior saves. Lost 2 t
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