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Yukon River Valley v1.1
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Yukon River Valley v1.1

Yukon River Valley is a 16x map that is designed to keep you busy for a long time. There are three farms on the map, but in order to expand your farm you must remove trees to plow in your new fields. A long with all the forestry on map there is mining as well. You will have the ability to run dirt through a wash plant for gold and also through a dirt processing plant for sand, gravel, stone, and ore. The use of these materials than can be made into cement, concrete and steel. There is also a coal mine on map with a tunnel running through a Mountain. Once all coal is cleared will serve as a small shortcut. This map will need the placeable mods in the file you download in order to have all farm buildings, sawmills and woodchip truck sell point. Just unpack into your mods folder. Hope you all enjoy.

-Rework of washplant and added new washplant to claim area
-All placeables except farm building will now be owned by whoever buys the farmland
-Replaced stone with tailings and paydirt with concentrate. Concentrate is now a pallet produced at washplant sluiceboxes.
-Made washplant a placeable mod.
-Updated PDA with icons for easier navagation
-Added fuel placeable and tanker trailer to fill washplant and gold processer. In game trailer wont work
-Made all filltypes more dense so heaps at dirt processing plants can be much larger.
-Fixed coal mine where players could not grab material.
-Removed floating mine
-A lot of minor fixes to terrain and foilage painting of map.
-Updated selling station placeable for all products on made.

--Stevie Mods-- Want to thank stevie for all his hard work on making maps especially Beaver Creek.
Back in fs17 Stevie released Beaver Creek and I fell in love with it and decided to use it as a base
map for editing. I did a complete overhaul of map in 17 to my style of farming with removing of trees
to make fields and adding of a Mountain. Once 19 came out I knew I wanted to bring my edit of Beaver Creek over to 19 from 17.I made base map using the in game map Felsbroun and brought my edited terrain over to it. I than made Beaver Creek into a 4x map and eventually into a 16x map. I also decided to add mining to map and by doing this I decided to change name from Beaver Creek to Yukon River Valley to better fit the map. At this time with almost three years of editing terrain and expanding map only resemblance of the original Beaver Creek from Stevie is the small brook that runs through the farm area. Again want to thank stevie for this and give him some credit for the making of the Original Beaver Creek that gave me inspiration to make Yukon River Valley.

--Mining and Construction Economy-- To bring mining to Yukon River Valley I used Mining and Construction and Economy map for some of the models needed for the processing plants. I used this map as a reference to bring over certain filltypes as well.

--Dajnet-- Want to thank Dave for his videos on youtube to teach me how to add filltypes and fruit types to map. I also used his new PV County map for some filltypes I am using in Yukon Valley.

--ShyWizard-- Want to thank ShyWizard for his tutorials on Youtube which help me get this map to where it is.

--CCT547-- Want to thank Eric for all the great ideas and help on brainstorming some errors a long the way.

--Honor-- Thats me the creator of Yukon River Valley

  • Richard
    2020-11-15 15:46
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    Mooie map, maar zou je wat meer steden en verkoop punten willen weg zetten. de map wat aankleden dat zou mooi zijn. het is maar een puntje voor je.
  • D


    2020-11-15 17:22
    0 0
    Fields previously cleared of trees are no longer totally clear. Some fields created with trees previously cut and stumps removed, plowed and seeded now full of trees. Does a new game need to be started with this update?
  • Honor
    2020-11-15 18:18 Send message
    1 0
    Yes will need a new game.
  • D


    2020-11-15 18:40
    0 1
    Thanks for the info on a new game. Have a safe day
  • Farmt1170
    2020-11-15 18:49 Send message
    0 3
    Does it come with all the heavy mining and forestry gear/vehicles etc.?
  • Paradoxx
    2020-11-15 19:14
    1 0
    The previous 1 had am issue preventing me from placing any of the animals building so it was soo frustrating , will this update a allow me to put my own animal placebels?
  • Honor
    2020-11-15 19:51 Send message
    2 2
    Paradoxx In Multiplayer all the farm buildings on the map will be owned by the first farm created. If you are apart of another farm you will have to have the first farm created delete for you than you can create your own farm or add exact building back in. In career all farm buildings you should be able to sell and or place anywhere you have purchased land. Have had no issues with this. For all other mining and sawmill buildings once you have purchased the land will be able to operate, but wont
  • Wrangler
    2020-11-15 20:22 Send message
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    Looksee By Train - Yukon River Valley - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvSh3gHoI8Y
  • Justin bourget
    2020-11-15 21:38
    2 3
    Hello,no pda picture for this map? Also awesome job :)
  • Name
    2020-11-15 22:40
    3 1
    JUSTIN BOURGET, on the video (link above) is present PDA !!! At the very beginning of the video: https://youtu.be/TvSh3gHoI8Y?t=9
  • Name
    2020-11-15 22:55
    3 2
    you dont need a pda....judging by the pics its a forest map and not farming!!!
  • Name continue
    2020-11-15 22:56
    3 4
    in otherwords trees everywhere and no place to farm....don't waste space on your computer!!!
  • Honor
    2020-11-15 23:14 Send message
    10 1
    Everyone has there own playing style. My playing style is to create my own farm by removing the trees and creating my own fields. For others that want to have a starting farm with fields there are three available. In order to expand your farm you will need to remove trees and plow in the fields. If you are the one that likes a map with 100 square fields this map probably not for you.
  • Manowar
    2020-11-16 01:39 Send message
    5 1
    if your into the labor part of it just think of yourself in the old days clearing land to make a living for you and your family.nice map
  • Justin bourget
    2020-11-16 02:57
    2 0
    NAME,my gosh calm down,im sentitive and autistic :(
  • Me


    2020-11-16 18:50
    3 1
    Absolutely stunning! Great work
  • Metoo
    2020-11-16 20:02
    0 1
    love it! I had to remove the floating tunnel w GE, but other than that its an amazing map.
  • Name
    2020-11-16 21:44
    0 1
    sellpoint gold ?
  • Uncleorion
    2020-11-17 01:44 Send message
    0 0
    I have a question, related to the sawmills, whn i run out of logs, i also loose the progress of the product? I as thiss because in my game i had about 500k logs and 150k woodchips in it, but no product was beeing made, i slept 1 night and all logs where gone , but no rpduct beeing made.
    • Honor
      2020-11-18 05:24 Send message
      1 0
      There is a small issue with the sawmill I did some test and everything was working before release Not sure how this happened but in the xml just a issue with a capital letter I am working on a quick fix Sorry for this and will be uploading another version in a week or so You can join my discord and get the updated map sooner if it needed httpsdiscordggHNXTKXP
  • @justin bourget
    2020-11-17 05:03
    0 0
    claim your tits Karren!!it's just an opinion
  • Life owes me everything
    2020-11-17 10:10
    0 5
    It's so unfair that PC players have mods that console players cant use. You modders need to stop being so selfish and make your mods for console players as well, think of others not just yourselves.
  • D


    2020-11-18 14:36
    0 0
    I like what I could do with the landscape tool to adjust some of the rivers and ponds. I was able to use the ferry and adjust because of the flat bottom rivers - Thanks!!
  • Bigrich says
    2020-11-18 15:15
    1 0
    @Life Owes You Nothing go get it yourself bitchboy. not everyone plays games on console or gives a shit about it. your owed a beat down (or worse) for all the shit you got away with when no one was looking - ya leech
  • Name
    2020-11-18 22:14
    0 0
    But where can i sell the gold ??????????????????
  • Name
    2020-11-18 23:10
    0 0
    Sorry figured it out ,btw great map
  • Name
    2020-11-21 08:11
    0 0
    this mod dose not work iv downloaded on multi site and it will not work
  • Name
    2020-11-21 19:49
    0 0
    Make sure to unzip the file you download into your mods folder. Game won’t recognize the zip file you download. It’s the files inside that you need.
  • Steve
    2020-11-23 04:33
    0 0
    i love the map but is it possible to get it to show the plowed in fields on the map and growth and fertilizer on it thanks and keep up the good work
  • D


    2020-11-24 01:08
    0 0
    Sorry, I could not get to your discord. How do if fix the Sawmill? It is not accepting woodchip as fuel as in version 1.
    • Honor
      2020-11-24 13:58 Send message
      0 0
      This is a link to the discord httpsdiscordggHNXTKXP Try to copy and paste into your web browser I will be releasing the update for the fix of sawmills and a new texture overhaul today
  • D


    2020-11-24 15:35
    1 0
    Thanks - Got 50 hours in on version 1.1. Added 3 Ferry docks, ferry, powerboat, and created 4 new fields.
  • Jab44
    2020-12-12 18:21
    0 0
    Amazing Map! Never ending possibilities... where can I follow you?
  • Craap
    2020-12-14 03:04 Send message
    0 0
  • Jaydog
    2020-12-19 19:38
    0 0
    i got no train i put this map in i lost my trains in all my maps
  • Tatt
    2021-01-12 18:46
    0 0
    Any idea when the sawmills will be fixed? Love love love the map, I am producing everything but the sawmill!
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