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The Amazing 8-Bit v1.12.2
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The Amazing 8-Bit v1.12.2

Hello, There, 8-Bit Amazing is an 8-Bit texture pack that focuses on making the world of Minecraft look much more simplistic and easy to understand, while making more naturally generated blocks look a bit complex. My idea with this was to be able to create smooth, and simple looking textures that provide a new experience than vanilla Minecraft. I designed it so that you'll still certainly see some resemblances to vanilla Minecraft, because that's what I wanted to incorporate, it doesn't deviate too far away from Minecraft that it looks like you're playing a different game, it just creates a much happier and brighter style. The water is bluer, the hills are greener, the caves are smoother. You'll find it makes the game much brighter, and happier looking.


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