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Waving Plants Shaders Mod 1.7.4
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Waving Plants Shaders Mod 1.7.4

I must admit, this mod looks a little goofy to me.  It looks more like it’s really hot in minecraft rather than actually having the plants swayed by the wind.  Nothing against it, it just looks a little goofy to me.  Graphical limitations of minecraft are probably the cause of this, and I like the effect of it.  The mod’s really oriented at the “nature” side of minecraft, rather than the mining or crafting side, and it does a good job of  this.  It makes beautiful scenery for recording videos, or just taking a look from the mountain top.

Like I said, it does look a little goofy at first.  Looks like you’re about to get heat-stroke.

It does add other, smaller things, such as the speed the plants move while it’s raining, as well as the water.  Nothing game-changing, it’s all graphical.


  • Makes all plants (except for tree logs) move around.  It affects pumpkins and melons, as well, which is weird.
  • Changes moving speed while raining


  • Makes Minecraft look much better
  • Nice effects during the rain


  • Kind of complicated to configure in my opinion.  Not too bad, though.
  • A bit buggy


  • Smooth movement for all plants
  • FPS increase
  • Water/lava fixed
  • Wheat broken


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