Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Woodside Farm v1.0

  • Clearly you could of used fs17 pics instead of all fs15 , it goes to show you just dont have a clue about doing map properly as one would of used new pics plus to finish off its clearly a map that requires new buildings etc etc so no texture issues . Vote out of 10 i would give a 1

    Ringwoods V1.51 map update fixes

  • I see. Thanks for the info. The map looks really good even if you keep it the way it is...I ve been playing it none stop for a week now :)

    Ringwoods V1.51 map update fixes

  • Hi Stevie, I noticed something today thought I let you know. I was buying fields today and based on sizes looking at the map field 17 and 14 looks bigger than 18 yet when I went to purchases them it says field 18 is 18.31 ha where is field 14 is 10.12 ha and 17 is 6.60 ha. Not sure if you planned to have them like this but the actual size of the field doesn't seem to match the size you see on the map. Not trying to pick on little issues I love the map being playing none stop since 1. 50.