Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    John deere 8440 v1.0

  • I personally think this mod is great, but everyone has their own opinion, maybe it cinflicts with other mods, whatever, but you guys giving him shit, should stop. who hurt you? this guy may not be the best, but i bet he can do better thatn your sorry ass, so leave him alone, practice makes perfect!!

    MoneyCheat Mod with GUI v1.0

  • This mod looks great, umm could there be an english version? i dont speak german.If you could do that for all native english speakers, i would be very happy. thank you.

    Twinstar A. Helmer U.S. Edition Pack v1.0

  • yes i agree with the log truck. do u think u could make it so the truck has a crane on it (like some trucks irl) and that u can stack the trailer onto the back of the truck like irl. would love it if you could!!!

    KW T800B and T800H Pack v1.0

  • @oliver how do i unzip? i dounwload it , and its not like a normal zip dounload, it has the internet explorer icon. never seen that before.

    New Holland Power Baler V1

  • can you guys like stfu and actually be useful? if there is a prob with the mod, then tell him the problem, and stop being little shits. grow up kids , get a job. and maybe just maybe youll kiss a real girl.