Farming simulator 2019 mods

user "deafgamer " placed comments

    US Flatbed trailer Auto loads bales v1.0

  • This mod belongs to bigdaddy012678, the original author. He's planning his official version to be released soon.

    bigdaddy012678 did not authorized this nor was it given permission to upload it.

    FS19 SIGNS v1.0.0.0

  • Would love one made for me in my username, please visit the website and search my name deafgamer1964 and send me a message.


    Thank you.

    Bruks Un Bigdaddy v2.0

  • The Sawbar needs fixing, it sinks into the ground at the store lot.

    I am using the Honey XL map.

    Thanks for the Bruks BD.

    Bruks Un v1.0

  • People calling people idiots is merely projecting themselves into others for lacking what they have, namely the lack of intelligence.

    I'm sorry you believe you are entitled to steal other people's work and claim credit for yourselves. Especially when one lacks the talent in creating original ideas rather than copying other people's work.

    Bruks Un v1.0

  • People stealing other people's mods and claiming credit for themselves is wrong. If you can't respect other modder's work, then neither will you get any respect. Want to act like you're living in the jungle? Then you will be treated as if you are living in the jungle.

    Bruks Un v1.0

  • This Bruks belongs to BigDady012678 and converted without his permission.

    More than likely it's full of errors since the official scripts for FS19 has not been released yet (i.e. fabriks scripts and others).