Farming simulator 2019 mods

user "graytomcat " placed comments

    GLX Morton Pole Barn 72x160 v1.0

  • Should do a nice log cabin you could go in side with working doors nice size garage with working door and working lights in the cabin and garage.

    Minnesota Map v1.1

  • Flatten out the map mostly around the farm so placeables would look right and we can put in fencing around the farm

    Legacy Township v2.0

  • This is a nice map but put in traffic and people walking around. Put in like McDonald or a Applebee grocery store Walmart store. Need better lighting brighter street lights

    Ram 3500 Dually v2.0

  • Nice ram but driving it slide around a lot and needs more power. Put a LED light bar on the truck.

    Dodge MegCab Cummins v1.0

  • It's a nice ram but it needs better tires and wheels like off road wheels and needs to be lifted. the horn doesn't work and can't fill the truck with fuel.

    Ram 3500 Dually v1.0

  • Nice Dodge Truck but can't change colors and needs better lights brighter and put a LED light bar an bright one.

    Dodge ram 3500 heavy duty v1.0

  • I like the truck but it need better wheels and tires like off road tires and a bright LED light bar. Hope you improve the truck. It has a diesel exhaust but it a gas engine and better hp power.

    Nordfriesische Marsch v1.1

  • Love the map but need to get rid the raise roads then the map would be great. Can you do the map Lone Oak Farm and have it little more flatter and put in fences and gates.

    2017 F450 Platnium Lighting Package v2.1

  • It is a nice truck but the lights needs to brighter and the truck need to be raise up and off road wheel and rims and color selection on the rims. need a LED light bar.

    Farm Silo XLarge v1.0.0.0

  • Like the silo but if you going to make it this big it should be set up for all the fruit type. all the maps have suger beets potatoes hay straw glass silage total mix and some time sugar cane.

    Crossroads v1.0

  • Love the map and hope to see it in FS19. the field at the mean farm I couldn't get the seeder to seed in the field. the only thing I would do is put in a nicer town and a nicer house you can go in with working lights and with a garage with working doors with lights. hope to see this map in FS19.

    Lone Oak Farm v1.0.0.2

  • Love the map and hope you do this map for FS19 the only thing I would do is put in a town and around the mean farm make it more flatter and keep the same house with working doors and lights. Hope to see this map in FS19.