Farming simulator 2019 mods

user "hsayar " placed comments

    Parking v1.0.0.0

  • Can you make a placeable version, if possible?
    I would be very happy if there was a single vehicle width, truck + trailer length.

    Farm Silo MultiStorage v1.02

  • What is the name of the map where we can add the products?

    alfalfa, sorghum, blackbean, sudan grass, clover, cherry, peanut, rice, corn 2, tobacco,

    Raiffeisen sale v1.1

  • Hopefully from wheat; "Un" as the main product,   as by-products "bran etc." soon we see that it is produced.
    TR: Umarım buğdaydan; ana mamul olarak "Un", yan mamül olarak "kepek vs." üretildiğini de yakında görürüz.

    FS17 Bates Cass County USA Revised v5.0

  • I have not had a chance to try yet.
    I am happy if you publish educational videos about this.
    What I see lacking in animal husbandry in fs17; "There is no sheep's fire."
    Can this gap be corrected by "mod"?

    Brauerei Super Bock New Version 1.1

  • This is easy.
    In my opinion;
    1) "hops" is grown in the garden (orchard) ..
    2) "Empty Palette" and "Empty Barrel" should be manufactured as sawmill.
      - Manufacturing WoodenPallet and Nail (can be purchased at the store) is required.
      - The building also; it should be chopped as it is now.

    Bale Storage v1.0.0.0

  • Despite the area being flat, the entrance doors were high.
    Can "placeable" "flat floor" mode be improved?

    As you know, when placing "portable objects"
    - turn right or left ",
    - "move forward, backward, right, left"
    options. Similarly
    Is it difficult to add the "up / down" option?

    Estancia Lapacho Farm Fruit v1.0

  • You can also add a separate market / grocery mode instead of adding a "selltriger" for each garden.

    Could you make it compatible with the seasons mode to be very realistic?

    Estancia Lapacho Farm Fruit v1.0

  • As Input
    - Animal Guidelines / Artificial Fertilizer / Compost: Provided from animal farms. (Cow, Sheep, etc.)
    - Drugs used in agriculture. It must be purchased from the store to prevent plant diseases. (New Pallet)
    - Water
    - Empty pallet: It is done in lumber factory. (Using BoardPalette and nail)
    - Cardboard: It is made in the cardboard factory. (Using chips and water)