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    Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v1.1

  • VEK80:
    Hi, you can set the lengths in vehicle xml. Search for Autoloadwood and there you will find this:

    (limitToLen minLen="2.5" maxLen="20" delimbOk="0" /)

    Where you can set min and max length for autoload

    Manual Attaching v1.0

  • So i fixed following 4 errors:
    -line 58: when you start new game as farm manager or start from scratch
    -line 438: when detaching PTO from trailer with PTO function
    -line 250: when start tipping with trailer with PTO function and no PTO attached
    -line 271: when attaching two conveyor belt (or any with driveable spec)

    Did anybody else found any other error please? Before i release fixed version.

    Towline 3D v1.0.0.0

  • How about add me to the credits when copy whole my script:


    Work RPM v1.4

  • Koalat: Yes i created this mod for FS15 but here is also my version for FS17