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Grandpa's KISS Interface 8.11
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Grandpa's KISS Interface 8.11

Prior to posting in comments:
Read the full description, your answer may already be here
Check out the KISS Forum especially if you are posting about the All-in-One (AIO) the forum is the most appropriate place for posting on the AIO and other Grandpa's mods
Read previously posted comments, answers to a lot of questions already there, read at least a couple of pages in

New Feature - Alternative Settings

To use Alternative Settings:
look in res_mods/xvm/configs/Alternative Settings folder
find the setting you wish to use
copy the files from the settings folder into res_mods/xvm/configs/arasgrandpa folder

Alternative Setting Options
    Color Blind
    Default OTM
    EFF replace WN8
    HitLog on Bottom
    HitLog on Top
    Icon and Tier in OTM
    No HitLog
    No minimap line
    Old Style KISS OTM
    Player Names in OTM
    Tier Marker in OTM
    Vehicle Icon in OTM


    World of Tanks Version: 0.8.11
    XVM Client Version: 5.1.0

Please read change log for instructions

To recreate the entire KISS Interface, follow these instructions or visit the KISS XVM Webspage and follow the instructions to get a FULL battle interface, including many of my other mods:

    Download and install the the Standard All-In-One (AIO)
    Download and install the latest version of the configuration and XVM client files from Curse NOTE: If you do not complete this part, you may not have the latest config files. I only post new AIO if there are MAJOR changes, not configration or XVM client updates.

Additional Mods for Complete Interface

These are additional mods not included in the KISS XVM download. They are developed and tested to work with KISS XVM and will further enhance your WoT interface.

    Grandpa's Colored Messages After Battle
    Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod - improves lighting quality, removes bloom, and removes fog in most maps
    Grandpa's Content Mod - enhances static content in game
    Grandpa's Favorite Voice and Sound Mod
    Gray Crash Skins
    For Vehicle Icons, use KISS Style 1 Vehicle Icons or any other style from Curse.
    For Battle Loading Screens, use Battle Loading Background Screens
    For Custom Icons, use Ammo, Equipment, and Crew Icons

Recent Changes


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