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M4 sherman tricolor camo v1.0.0.0
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M4 sherman tricolor camo v1.0.0.0

Ok I"m czech this skin is for player Jirka and downloading this skin . Hi MarineModsCZ.


  • Marinemods
    2017-10-02 22:15
    Hi, I"m MarineModsCZ this is bad photo. I have real photo of this reskin
  • Jerry
    2017-10-02 22:26
    Hello,you can upload real photo. Please press tab photos on this site and upload.
  • Marinemods
    2017-10-03 07:46
    Ok, I get photos to new reupload version
  • Marinemods
    2017-10-03 22:00
    This logo on the reskin is my clan logo
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