[ATS] NaturaLux - Unofficial Patch - 1.39.x


Patch for NaturaLux for ATS 1.39 , where I removed all the accessories, flares, loading screens and hookups – just the climate data and the skyboxes remaining (which is anyway basically the entire mod). Thus, as I had to modify the main package, I could only manage to make this an external download, so here I present the files to you:
order (top of mod manager on top in this case) and respective downloads (all you need for this version):


Model 1:

Model 2:

Bear in mind, I haven’t tested it too much, but it works just as good as the ETS2 edition on 1.39 (so far at least) and I also made it work on PM Canada.

Enjoy (although I feel bad for in a way stealing GerScaniaTrucker’s work here, but there is no real workaround for this)!


GerScaniaTrucker (original creator)

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Сделай,пожалуйста,для ETS2.

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