All In One Engines, Chassis, Transmissions v1.0


BETA: Tested.
The goal for this mod is to create higher power, speed and range for select engines, transmissions and chassis. Mod title and edits subject to change. Current standalone: 2 engines for t680 & w900 does not replace any defaults.

Cummins isx15 750 for t680 and w900 - heavy hauler.
Horsepower 750
RPM max limit 3000
RPM limit N 2000
RPM auto shift 2400 high
RPM auto shift 2000 low
Torque at 1200 RPM 3282

Road Map:
At least 1 engine for each truck 750hp or more.
1 to 2 Transmissions for each truck to have better ratios for speed/economy.
2 chassis for each truck to have increased fuel tanks and possibly 6x6 drive.(1 long & 1 short)



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