Engine sound mega pack v4.0


This mod adds those engines and their sounds in the game:

-Detroit Diesel DD13

-Detroit Diesel DD15

-Detroit Diesel 8V92

-Detroit Diesel 60 series

-Cummins 444

-Cummins M11

-Cummins X15

-Cummins Signature 600

-Cummins N14

-Cummins ISX (SCS sound reworked)

-Cummins ISX STRAIGHT PIPED (SCS sounds and from videos)

-Caterpillar V8 3408

-Caterpillar 3406E

-Caterpillar C15 Straight Piped

-Caterpillar C15 STOCK

-Paccar MX series

-Mack MP8

-Volvo D13

Update 4.0 (2022/03/02):

-Added Caterpillar V8 3408 engine sound.

-Cummins 444 improved and working in multi.



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Commented on 2022-03-03 22:12:36

dis kreichbaum sounds

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Reply comment on 2022-03-05 04:20:15

You are correct, these are Kriechbaum's sounds, and I am sure he is not happy for seeing his mod get stolen by some mod stealer, I make mods of my own, and wouldn't want to get them stolen by some autistic freak like you, do me a favor if you are reading this, before you decide to download this shit, go fuck yourself, and you should actually get it from the SCS forums under sounds, you ugly ass autistic freak motherfucking bitch cunt!

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Commented on 2022-03-08 14:51:11

Thank`s Kriechbaum, you are the Father of Sound. ;D

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Commented on 2022-03-09 09:48:35

To be clear Zeemod sounds only good is c15 5nz and n14 other is not, when Kriechbaum sounds are 90% clean and perfect included that he giving free

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