Frameless Dump Trailer v1.0.1 ATS 1.48.5


A meticulously detailed frameless dump trailer with 6 chassis types and axle configurations, along with numerous selectable front end designs and custom parts. 



-6 chassis types with a number of axles configurations.

-2 body types per chassis.

-6 front-end designs can be individually chosen.

-2 rear-end designs.

-Highly detailed texturing including welds and readable labels.

-26 custom load types, including overweight loads (get your permits out!). 

-A number of light options.

-Available in Freight Market.

-Baked AO textures.

-Realistic Chrome and Ally materials.

-Custom trailer leg sounds.

-Free updates (there are plans to add lots more content to this trailer!)

-Branded logos are available here



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