Jasper's Kenworth T680 2022 v1.2.1 1.50


Version 1.2.1

-Fixed hood mapping.


-Added Long Hood

-Added Steering wheel standard

-Added Doorhandle paint & chrom

-Added Mudflaps for rear Aero Bumper

-Added hood mirror paint.

-Added antenna of mirror.

-Added side mirror chrome e paint.

-Added Fog Light (off and Low Beam).

-Added Frontal intake (paint, chrom and plastic) Version.

-Added bumper without FOG light.

-Added new support for the rear fender.

-Added original deflector side fairings.

-Added Modern Rear Bumper. oval and round model (chrome and black) version.

-Added new mudflaps black and white version).

-Added Sideskirt Plastic&Paint version.

-Added t680 chrome logo.

-Added Front Bumper, (Plastic & chrome) Edition.

-Added Front Mirror, (chrome) edition.

-Added Front Grill, (chrome) edition.

-Added Filter, (chrome) edition.

-Added Sleeper Door (chrome & paint) edition.

-Added Front Light (chrome) edition.

-Added Sideskirt (plastic) edition.

-Added Standard Mirror (chrome & paint) edition.

-Added doorstep (black) edition.

-Added FlowBelow (white) edition.

-Added led color in headlight def.

-Added Cummins x15 engine.

Mod is not standalone, it is based on the Kenworth t680 2020 NG.

Sound is already included in the mod, we're using kapitain kriechbaum's paccar mx-13 and cummins x15.

NOTE: always keep the mod on high priority, so you don't have any crash problems.



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