JC Amateur Sound Effects Pack v1.1.3 1.50


Added support for Edison L Series by guidot

This mod gives you many new truck sounds as listed below. It also includes three new air horn options

Low Air Pressure warning Alarm

Blinker Switches

Blinker on/off relay

Engine Brake Switch

Light Switches

Reverse Beeper (its a “White Noise” commonly found on trucks in Australia where I’m from)

Window Wipers

Power Windows Up/Down (WIP – working on the stop/start)

Power Window Up/Down Buttton click

Altered wrong gear grinding

Trailer Attach (air & clunks)

Trailer Dettach (air & clunks)

Gear shifter stick sounds

Park Prake Applied (credits to Coyote Man here for the sounds)

Park Brake Released (JC)

Air Brake sounds and hisses (credits to Coyote Man & Nemaiko for the sounds)

3 New Air Horn Options

Hadley 37″ Round

Ship Horn (credits to mortalmjc here for the sound)

Train Horn (credits to mortalmjc here for the sound)

Works with ATS 1.48



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