Kenworth T909 v5.8 1.50


Changelog  v5.8

- Adapted for 1.50
- Added Some Part Addons (Except For Different Colours)

Update for 5.7

- Adapted for 1.49 (Unofficial Update)

Update for 5.6

- Adapted for 1.48
- Updated Interior Animations
- Updated Models


Virat: - 3D model,
Stas556: - convert, animation, registration,
Kriechbaum: - sounds, registration of engines and transmissions,
Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling,
Robert Bogdanov: -Texturing, unwrapping,
Gerald Hardie: - Technical support,
Smith: - Help in updating and refining the model,
Mick Brown: - Accessories,
Mishanka: - Other registration,
Knox: - Dashboard, TV and GPS.
Rework for T909, adding parts: SWR Team

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