Long Trains Addon (up to 150 cars) for Improved Trains v3.2


Long Trains Addon (up to 150 cars), for mod “Improved Trains v3.2 for ATS (v1.35x)”
Created for players whose for some reason are not satisfied with short length of the trains in the main mod.
Credits: POWE®FULL™
Version 3.2 for release game (1.35x).
Increases the length of the freight trains up to 150 cars (only with 5 head locomotives), the passenger trains up to 30 cars.
Removed the shortess freight trains with 2-3 locomotives.
Added additional locomotives for the passenger trains and in the mid of the freight trains.

Only for use with Mod "Improved trains v3.2

Please place this Addon above the Main mod and do not use combined with Short Trains Addon.

WARNING: FPS EATER!!! not for Low-End PC's!

Enjoy it and Have Fun!



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