Long trains addon (up to 150 railcars) for Improved Trains v3.7.2


Long Trains Addon, for mod “Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS (v1.40)”

Version 3.7.2 for ATS 1.40.

Designed for the new file structure of the main mod

Added support of Mexican and Canadian trains

Created for players whose for some reason are not satisfied with short length of the trains in the main mod.

Deleted mostly freight trains shortest than 50 cars

Add freight trains up to 150 cars.

up to 10 engine sections for longest trains.

Place this Addon above the Improved trains mod and the compatibility addons

Credits: POWE®FULL™

PayPal for Donations https://paypal.me/powerfullmodding​​

WM wallets:

WM E066523113525

WM Z182435256071

Enjoy it and Have Fun!



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