Maz 6422M v1.0


- Fully autonomous 3D truck model
- Buy at Kenworth Auto Show
- 1 cabin
- 1 chassis
- 12 engines
- Transmission one for each engine
- Your salon
- its sounds
- Its wheels (3 options)
- Painted
- Big tuning
- Fixed truck collision (rested on the trailer and could not drive under it) Phantom94
- Replaced all new sound
- Full support for "DLC Cabin Accessories" and "National Window Flags"

Test on versions 1.31.x - 1.33.x

The authors:
Modeling in 3ds Max: - JAWA
Envelope, animation, registration in ETS2: - Stas556
Fix spoiler in 3ds Max: - Fox071rus

Thanks to "Knox_xss" for using the "gps" and "dashboard" textures!
Thanks to "RJL / Fordsonmies" for using the interior lighting material!
Adaptation for v1.32 and registration in orders: - Kamazist_1980
Adaptation with DLC support and sound change: - Kamazist_1980
Registration in ATS: sdonbass18


JAWA, Stas556, Fox071rus, Kamazist_1980, sdonbass18

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