Peterbilt 386 (SMRS Edit) v1.4.5 1.49


Changelog 1.4.5

-Updated and adapted for 1.49.x

-Some improvements on animations

-Fixed the missing reflection errors


-Truck chassis variant(s) for Truck 'n' Trailer option (I recommend Deezle's 3xx mod!)

-Multiple cab options

-Multiple chassis options

-Cab trim both painted and stainless

-Mirror accessories

-Wilson antennas

-Interior CB Radio (has physics)

-Stock antennas (forward variant included)

-Watermelon lights

-Lollipop lights

-Additional cab accessory nodes (back of cab)

-4" lights, in Amber, Red, and White (reverse)

-Rear lightbar options

-Step boxes options


SMRS, R.Modjeski, Colonel, SCS, Colt/Pioneer, Sisl, Harven, etc.

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