Peterbilt 389 Long chassis Day cab 625 W900 Cat Engine v1.0


Peterbilt 389 Day Cab
Long Chassis
W900 625Hp King of the Hill

ATS Version 1.38x SP
ATS Version 1.37x SP & MP

NOT YET TESTED in 1.38 Multiplayer! but as this uses only existing game assets it should not be a problem, I will test and verify as soon at 1.38 MP is released!

Activate mod in Single player and buy and configure the truck there. Exit game and reload to Multiplayer.
There will be an error about the mod not being compatible, just keep loading the save and the truck will be there
This mod uses only assets that already exist in the game to create the mod.

Cabs and Chassis and Accessories can be changed but if you change the engine, you will need to start over with a new truck to get the W900 Engine and sounds back

Tested in Multiplayer / Singleplayer 1.37*, as this uses only existing game assets it should not be a problem,

Activation of this mod with any other truck mod at the same time may cause a game crash!
You may change the frame & cab but to get the day cab and long frame again you will have to rebuy the truck.
You may change the engine but to get the 625 back you will have to rebuy the truck

Virtual Divide Gaming (VDG)
Please report any issues
None of my mods include parts from SCS "Paid" or Earned content and do not contain any content from other creators MODs


Grabby LaToosh

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