Peterbilt 389 Rework v1.47


Peterbilt 389 Rework


- Updated dashboard lighting

- Adapted for 1.47

This mod is a rework of the default 389 from the SCS.


- many parts from new 389X

- many grills

- many air filters

- many bumpers

- many sideskirts

- many mudguards

- original battery boxes

- polished front fenders

- rear steps

- mudflaps for front fenders

- rear light of cabs

- microwave to the interior

- sound for Cummins ISX15 engines taken from 9900i by SCS

Interiors are customizable:

- Standard Ultra Ride

- Light Ultra Ride

- Tan Ultra Ride

- Premium Ultra Ride

Author's interior designs (not customizable):

- Heritage X (based on the Limited Edition 379X)

- Phil Hall Design (Designed by lead Peterbilt designer Phil Hall)

- 2023 Ultra Ride (Original design of the 2023 model year)

- Noire (Inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks)

- Gray Spaсe

- Prestige Tan

- Prestige Gray

- 389X



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