Peterbilt Interior & Effect Sound Pack v1.3 1.49


Changelogs v1.3

- Fixed stick light horn for scs 389 and 389 ep

- Added support for convoy

- Updated for 1.49

Compatible with all SCS Peterbilt's and popular mods

The complete list of sounds included are:


Electric window open/close.

Manual window open/close.

Air window open/close

Air wipers and switch.

Electric wipers and switch.

Modern and old school blinker relay and lever plus 4-way flasher switch.

Parking brake set and release.

Gear lever sounds.

Modern and old school air warning.

Modern and old school various cab switches.

Modern and old school engine brake switch.


Air brakes.

Air compressor unload.

Gearbox actuation.

Lift axle.

Standard air horn.

Train air horn.

Gear grinding

Reverse beeps.




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