Real companies, gas stations & billboards Extended v1.01.07


Changelog v1.01.07

-Compatibility for 1.50

-Added more then 60 new retail depots in all states except OK, KS, NE

-Expect tight spots, roadside unloading spots and even alleys

-General bugfixes

This add-on of our popular real companies, gas stations & billboards mod will go further where the Steam limitations can take us. In the initial release we have decreased the number of Walmart's by changing them to Target and Swift depots. This means Target and Swift won't be just in the Texas DLC anymore. It also opens the door to add regional supermarkets in the future.

Also in the initial release is IKEA. We took the ETS2 prefab and placed in ATS. There are about 9 depots, all in the cities we're they are in real-life. Last, but not least, we opened up some landmarks to deliver to. You can now go to several stadiums, convention centers and maybe even a festivalground..

For this mod, the Texas & Colorado DLC's are required!

Load order:

Real companies, gas stations and billboards extended

Real companies, gas stations and billboards

All other mods



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