Real companies, gas_stations, billboards v3.2.02


The mod changes default companies, store signs and billboards to real brands to make the game more realistic.

Real companies

Skins of real companies for trailers

Real Fast Food restaurants

Real billboards, including Las Vegas

Real names of hotels in Las Vegas

Skins for airplanes

UPS and FedEx vans

Real store names

Road service signs

Various small signs, containers and vehicles

Compatible with most map mods (ProMods, C2C, Great America, Pass mod, Sierra Nevada) and the most common traffic mods

Version 3.2.02:

- replaced Vortex refueling with BP

- replaced Equos transport with Swift

- replaced American Truck Haulers with STS Heavy Hauling

- replaced Marys cotton with Lone Star Cotton co

- added seasonal billboards

- added seasonal signage

- error correction

For version 1.46.x



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