The Phantom update for 1.4.x


The Phantom has been updated to no longer crash on 1.4.x

Skinning templates are linked at the bottom of the description!

***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** this update introduces an air-ride suspension, it is not to raise or lower the truck entirely, it is to allow you to deflate the airbags on the rear of the truck to fit under trailers. It is done with a hidden tag axle due to game limitations you'll notice a 2nd front wheel in the middle of the chassis, please visit the shop to change out all the wheel options to invisible ones!

The Truck Template:
Trailer Template:


Model Truck, Trailer, Wheels by: Bansheewoj
Interior Base: SCS
Import & Assembly in ATS: AMT
Interior textures & Misc Parts: AMT (Quattrophobia)
Steering Wheel: Kris-Man for the amazing "excalibur" wheel model
Speakers: carlo @ grabcad
Parking sticks: 12BANANA21
Red & Blue Gauge faces: batuhan383
Skins: Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy
Sounds: Georgiaboy, Kreichbaum, OddFellow
Transmissions: Guidot & KwDriver
Dashboard: Piva Modified by Quattrophobia
LED & Lighting: AMT, Quattrophobia & B4RT
Engine Parts: Snipers, Steve, Rowan, Corby, Quentin
Engine Piping: Arlan6
Glass Materials: GT-Mike & RJL

Misc trailer parts and definitions: Great Dane by B4RT

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