Trailmobile SuperVan 90 v1.1.1 1.40


Changelog v1.1.1

- Fixed extra AO decals being attached to 48ft spread chassis (and missing from all shorter chassis)

- Improved dock bumpers

- Using proper metallic material and fuzzy reflection for diffuse metal surfaces like rail extrusions, tanks, etc (dif.spec.weight.add.env)

Changelog 1.1

- Added ownable version

- chassis materials changed to tiled texture with dif.spec.weight.oclu.add.env

- rebaked chassis AO

- placard cargo models fixed to reflect changes in base game texture locations

Information about older Canadian semitrailers is scarce on the internet, but if you look through enough 1980's/90's Canadian trucking photos, the distinctive SuperVan 90 wordmark is likely to catch your eye more than a few times. As far as I know, these would have been made in the Brampton, ON plant starting in the early 80's.

This mod adds two variants of a classic Canadian dry van: one with a 2+1 midlift (non-steer) axle configuration and one with a tridem, both 48' x 102". Naturally, this mod fully supports advanced coupling and trailer paint jobs and, of course, it is fully stand-alone.



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