USA Offroad Map v1.0.0


Map addon for ATS v1.0.0
It adds a road from Bakersfield to Primm. (More roads are coming!)

Installation instructions:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad map by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game and make NEW profile.
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE ”USA offroad map” (if you don’t select the game module the map won’t work)
Step 6: Play the game.
Extra!: Download my economy mod and only throw the economy file in your mod folder. only activate the mod
(The economy mod is for beter XP and realistic payouts because this mod edits the time of day and night and the miles/km for more realism.)


Authors: Rob Viguurs (Map maker), Christiaan Van Huizen (Map tester)

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Commented on 2016-02-08 13:11:08

who don't want to begin new profile for only one road - addon version:

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Commented on 2016-02-09 19:40:47

Here's a delivery run completed with the map.

Picked up cargo in Elko
Explored the USA Offroad Map Addon
Delivered cargo in Bakersfield 106 Mile Delivery Run

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