Utility 3000R v1.47.2


Alright guys the update is now available!! I've done a lot and I'll try to list all the changes below. I still have a lot of stuff I want to do this trailer, but I ran out of time. It's far from finished in my eyes

1.46.1 Notes & Fixes

99% Of All Errors Fixed

Fixed All Lift Axles

Re-Worked Materials

Re-Worked Textures

Adjusted Load Payouts

Adjusted Cargo Weights

Re-worked Cargo (new pallets and boxes)

Re-worked Cargo Market

Added Trailer Browser support.

Custom RGB Paintjobs added

Added 48ft & 53ft Decals added.

New 50 Gallon and 100 Gallon Fuel tank added

Added Rubrails

Added License Plate support (50)

Added SBIII Reefer Unit (SCS Base)

"YOUR TEXT HERE" Support added

Light Nodes added to Multiple Accessories

1.47.2 Bug Fixes

Advanced Coupling Bug

Missing Skin Texture Error

Be sure to Install the mod in this order

1. Custom Utility 3000r by 51503D BASE FILE

2. Custom Utility 3000r PAINTJOBS

3. Custom Utility 3000r Light Compatibility (Have above all light packs in mod manager)

(There are now only two Warnings this mod throws.) If you are seeing anything else let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible. ;)

<WARNING> [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading '/vehicle/trailer/utility3000/trailer.pmg' with size 31496114

<WARNING> [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading '/vehicle/trailer/utility3000/lod_01.pmg' with size 30025150

Click the following link to Download!!


Compressed Zip files have been uploaded be sure to unzip before putting them into mod folder

If you have any suggestions, feel free to shoot a message over. And if you are experiencing any crashes or getting any errors, please report them and I will try and fix them as soon as possible.

Credits: "Dro Modding ,Steve(5150), Muhabzzz, Ruda, Davis James, Gab St, Corby ,3d Molier International, Newlc, Outlaw Transport, Overfloater "



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