BKR Toyota GR86 '21 v1.1


The BKR Toyota GR86 '21 mod for Assetto Corsa introduces the 2021 Toyota GR86 model into the game. This sports car, renowned for its handling and performance, can be driven by players within the game with this mod. Enhanced with meticulous details, this mod captures the vehicle's dynamics and features accurately, giving players a lifelike virtual driving experience. Typically, mods like this include graphical enhancements and realistic physics that simulate the handling and speed of the real-world car.

CSP 1.75+ is required.


EXTRA A: Spotify.

EXTRA B: Cluster Change from Sport to Track mode.

EXTRA C: Window Up/Down



Model, textures - PolyPhony Digital

Conversion - BKR

3D Parts - BKR, dfz, daddy, Alesto, Emfini, Formacar, Car++, HK51

Car Physics - KilinRC

Tyres Physics - Emfini (TW)

Paints/Texture - Kaiser, BKR

Advices and helps - Adriaan Suy

Encryption - x4fab

This mod might not work properly without Custom Shaders Patch (CSP). Please install it to ensure optimal functioning of the mod.


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