Honda Civic Type R (EK9) Turbo v2.2


The Honda Civic Type R (EK9) Turbo mod for Assetto Corsa is a revamped model of the classic Honda Civic Type R car. It features significant enhancements, including a customized turbo engine that makes this mod more powerful and faster than the original in-game model. The mod maintains the visual appeal of the EK9 series but offers better speed, handling, and overall performance, making it a favorite choice for those into street racing or just exhilarating drives. Please note, as with all mods, it needs to be installed separately and isn't officially part of the base game.


- model: polyphony digital (car model), LossTunes (plates + gauges), Facundo (general help), Katyusha (spoon calipers + their textures)

- textures: polyphony digital , Kaiser (plates documentation and .psd file), Amy/Linglong tires (new plates .psd based off kaiser's), Kunos, Oto-san (paints)

- extension: Amy/Linglong tires, the whole community for tutorials and explanations, Trappu-chan (PBR)

- physics: Amy/Linglong tires, Oto-san (engine lut), Giuseppe Abagnale (suspension geometry)

- sound: Just Kauser (edited by Owerz)


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