Mercedes-Benz 190E Street Drift 1990 v1.0


The Mercedes-Benz 190E Street Drift 1990 mod for the game Assetto Corsa provides players with a modified, high-performance version of the Mercedes-Benz 190E from 1990. This car model is a favorite among classic car enthusiasts and sports car aficionados. The "Street Drift" part of the mod's title specifically points to modifications that have been made to the car's dynamics, such as changes to the car's suspension and weight distribution. These changes make the car more suitable for drift racing, a popular form of street racing where drivers intentionally oversteer to lose traction and slide around corners at high speeds. This mod creates an exciting and different way for players to race and test their skills.



Physics, Tires, Drivetrain, Sound: Gravy Garage

3d parts used: ACMP discord

Base model: Velin Gunev

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