Volvo 740 Street 1984 v1.0


The Volvo 740 Street 1984 mod for Assetto Corsa brings the classic Swedish car into the game. The vehicle has a powerful inline 4-cylinder engine known for its impressive longevity and reliable performance. Although exact specifications can vary, many models of this vintage Volvo would typically have anywhere from 100 to 150 horsepower, depending on the exact model and any aftermarket modifications.


Power 331 whp

Torque 456 Nm

Weight 1240 kg

Power Ratio 3.75 kg/hp


Pontus Larsson,
Sound: Downsydegarage
Suspension: Chris Wiltowski
Tyres: World Drift Tour street.
Extra skins: Miyamoto, Sara Larsson.
Original model by Dennis Andersson.

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