1982 Hirochi Rush [FULL NEW RELEASED VERSION] 0.30.x


1982 Hirochi RUSH


The RUSH was produced from 1982 to 1992. It was sold in the USA, Australia and New Zealand as the Hirochi RUSH, in Japan as the Hirochi Rascal, in Europe as the 120 and rebadged for the USA as the Bruckell Champion. Hirochi models were powered by a 1.2L K12 rotary while Bruckell models were powered by either a petrol or diesel I4. All models were available with either RWD or switchable 4WD controlled by a lever in the centre console.


1982 Hirochi RUSH

JDM/USDM/EUDM/ANZDM models and parts

Lots of accessories, skins and custom parts to play around with

5 sets of wheels and 2 sets of hubcaps with variations

Interactive interior and working digital gauges

Known bugs:

Bruckell pulley has the wrong rotation

Fog light jbeam

Mirrored seat handles

Force feedback needs to be better

Diesel needles are off

Thumbnails aren't showing up

Some gauges are missing things​

High quality 3D models, textures and physics



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Bumpers and wheels broken

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fenders broken and parts of bed invisible

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