DODGE CHARGER 2020-23 V2.0 0.28.x


This mod is a new version of Dodge Charger.

The innovations consist of 8+ new wheels, 1 new bumper, improved sounds and starter (special thanks to Yuan), more superchargers, 1 new splitter, 2 new diffusers, 2 new spoilers, 5+ new badges, 2 new pads. DAYTONA 392 and King DAYTONA, 5+ new liveries, 3 new seats with updated interior textures and improved taillights.

Unpack the downloaded archive. Inside is the car itself and a pack of skins.

It is better to disable all other Chargers so that there are no conflicts.

In version 2.0:

- Updated thumbnails;

- Updated configurations;

- Removed old items;

- Removed old configs;

- Updated real taillights;

- Added new liveries [Skins].



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