Ford Transit Mega Pack V1.0


Ford Transit is an attractive and practical choice for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile commercial van. The combination of style, performance and functionality makes it the leader in its class.

High-quality mod.

Mod features:

85 configurations.

All existing types of bodies: long version, short version, open body version, 2 closed body versions, bus, armored version, tow truck.

High-quality salon and interior.

Variety of skins of transport companies, various services, as well as custom ones.

Fully designed interiors in various versions (versions with seats, ambulance, transport companies, armored versions).

You can choose from ready-made cargoes to the body (physics changes depending on the cargo).

Ability to load any cargo into the body (physics changes depending on the weight of the cargo).

Fully working tow truck, the ability to put the car on a tow truck (physics changes depending on the weight of the car).

Correctly configured physics in armored versions (increased protection, more weight).

Fully designed space under the car.

High-quality under bumpers / headlights.

Openable mod with customized triggers.

100% Jbeamed.

PBR materials in the interior + outside.

PBR headlights.


❌ Not noticed. (in case of detection, write to the private messages!


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